Gospel beads

I mentioned in a previous post that I was ordering a bunch of cords to make wristbands with kids on camp as well as lengths of cord for practicing knot tying.

The knot tying was a hit. A lot of the kids got the hang of the reef knot and figure eight, fewer got the hang of the bowline, but some managed it. I was happy with the whole exercise and will likely do it again next year. Although next time I’ll remember to tell them to tie the cord on their wrist or lanyard so they don’t lose it!

As for the wristbands, it went well too. I think most people enjoyed making them. No one said it was lame and I got to use a hot knife!

I want one of these!

For the demo wristband, I used a cow hitch on one side of the buckle and I think I ended up using two double overhand knots, one for each cord, tied around the band so they slipped down snug against the buckle.

If you’re interested in the significance of the beads, I made a brief summary of them in a PDF. A more detailed description is in this scripture lesson outline.