Knot Tying


  • My knots playlist
    This is where I save my favourite knot-tying vids on YouTube
  • WhyKnot on YouTube
    This is probably my favourite because he explains clearly, uses easy methods of tying, and is Australian 🇦🇺
  • Paracord Guild on YouTube
    I prefer WhyKnot’s methods of tying a bit more, but PG’s videos are very professional and easy to follow
  • TyingItAllTogether on YouTube
    JD has a few decorative knots that you might not see elsewhere

Free books

  • The Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford W Ashley
    This basically the knot almanac that everyone refers back to, and uses for naming/identifying knots. Ashley died in 1947, so this book might not be in the public domain until the end of 2017 (in Australia) 😬
    The PDF with Text file is very large, but I recommend it because the text is searchable, where it is not in the smaller PDF file.
  • Knots, Splices and Rope Work by A. Hyatt Verrill
    This book has been made into an ebook on Project Gutenberg. Most of the images are only in two steps (the knot before and after tightening), but it’s good as a quick reference.
  • Knots by Peter Owen
    This is a PDF scan of the book. I don’t know if it’s legit, or in breach of copyright having it online, but I’m finding the description of the knots and their uses really interesting. I would totally buy this book.


I will update this page as I find new things.