Long Crown & Diamond Knot (ABoK #785)

It took me all day, but I finally figured out how to tie knot #785 from The Ashley Book of Knots!

Check out the photos and video at the end of this post to see how to tie it.

I was initially interested in it because of WhyKnot’s video on tying #784 where he mentioned there was an error in the original diagram in the book. I wanted to see what the error was, and noticed the extension to knot 784: the long or elongated crown and diamond knot.

Original diagrams

The book says you just need to go around one more time, but exactly where and how… it took me a while to figure out. It turns out the error in the diagram is at the same stage of each knot: just before putting the ends through the crown. The ends should go through the middle of the knot before going into the crown in both 784 and 785.

How to tie

ABoK 785 finished
You may need to work some slack through the knot, but the final result will look something like this.